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If you know someone who needs a website, why not make some money from it? We make amazing websites for our clients, starting from around 5k-15k (websites) and 10k App demos, 50k-200k (Full Mobile Apps). By referring people you know to us, we will pay you 15%-20% to your account (bank transfer/cash if you prefer) as soon as they pay.


Marketing Tips & Program information

Call or pay potential company a visit. Request for personnel in charge of branding/marketing activities. Discuss your proposal with them.

Use Portfolio/Projects
We have a wide range of awesome projects we have build for clients in different industries. Pick-out the best projects you think the client would be interested to see and inform them on how they can have a something similar built for their brand or business.

Quick Payments
A 40% deposit is required before any project can be started. As soon as the client makes any payment, commission is paid out to you instantly.

Enquiries & technical questions
You may by chance come across technical questions that might be beyond your understanding. It is advisable that you do a small research on common terms and activities involved in the web or mobile app industry.

Here are a few common questions you might come across during your marketing activities. Feel free to contact our sales team for any enquiries concerning these topics
  • What is a domain?
  • What is the difference between .com and local domains?
  • What is hosting?
  • What security features do you implement?
  • How many emails can we have?

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