E-commerce gives your potential clients a convenient way of seeing what products you have to offer. We provide a wide range of ecommerce options for local businesses. From online store fronts to simple mobile apps that your customers can access from various app stores online. With collaborations with a wide range of payment providers, we can offer easy payment solutions for businesses in regions such as Namibia and Zambia.

  • Multiple payment solutions.
  • Easy payouts to clients and your business.
  • Secure & reliable systems.
Today, 70% of shoppers go to the Internet to buy goods and services. This method of shopping is loved because it is convenient.
Online Stores

With the internet easily accessible. It has become a trend for most shoppers to check various suppliers online even before they actually visit the actual physical store. This easily gives them a brief summary of what products you have to offer and helps them decide whether they should even step their foot in your store. We build modern online stores with beautiful catalogs to help you showcase your best products. You also have the option to accept online payments or simply generate invoices with your payment details sent to your clients

Some features we offer
01.Mobile Apps with payments systems

The world is going mobile & so are payments. We are able to offer payment system for any App we build for you. Making it easy for your clients to make payments to you in just a few clicks.


Security is of utmost importance for system our developers build for our clients. Feature include encryption of data during transit on the internet and so much more.

03.Payment Gateways

Projects can be difficult to manage. We have access to a wide range of payment gateway providers. Making it possible for us to provide quick configuration and easy transfer of funds payed by your clients quickly accessible to you.

04.Custom-made Mobile App

Do you have some business ideas or company productivity ideas that you would like us to implement for you in form of a Mobile App? We provide solutions for both iOS & Android, so be rest assured that all your clients or employees will have easy access to this brilliant solution you have.

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