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Mobile App development company based in Windhoek, Namibia

Our dedicated App developers have over 10 years experience in building quality iOS & Android Apps.

We turn ideas into real life apps

Are you looking for Namibian based android or ios (Apple) app developers to build your Mobile App? We develop Android & iOS apps for startups and organisations with brilliant ideas for Namibia's smart-phone community.

E-Learning / Educational Apps

Afrifeel finds joy in playing a role in building solutions that have helped schools improve their teaching practices and achieve goals of making education easily accessible during the covid pandemic.

Push Notifications.

Push notifications allow your app to send notifications to all users that have app installed. This allows them to get back to the app even when they were not using the it and view any important notice you would like them to see.

GEO Location

GPS Services allow you give app users a chance to track locations and share their location when the need arises. Depending on the requirements of your app, such a service would add great value.

Payment Integration

We can integrate payment for your mobile app users. This allows for quick business and coversion rates for business trying to make good profits in this modern tech world.

Pricing & Development

Complex apps can be quite costly. However, we do offer payment plans that will work for startups or organisations with very limited budgets. Our aim is to see our clients ideas come to life and we always aim to provide the most convinient options to help you get started.

Local Developers

We have dedicated developers with over 10 years of experience in building high-quality apps. We produce results and we are always looking forward to seeing our mobile apps receive good feedback from their users.

Maintenance & Support

Once the app is complete, the client has an option of having us as long term technical support or receive short training and manage the app on their own.

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