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Its extremely important to learn skills that give you career freedom and allow you to work at your own pace while earning huge payouts on work done. Skills such as design and web/mobile app development allow you to take up the biggest projects as a freelancer, provided you have a good project record and dedication in insuring your clients meet their needs.

Tutorials/Skills on offer
01.Mobile App Development

The world is going mobile & so is e-commerce. There are always new businesses and huge corporations trying to ensure they keep up to pace with the latest technologies that will make their businesses more profitable. So there is always a search for some skilled developers ready to take up the challenge.

02. Web/Online systems

The internet has taken over ordinary methods of operating businesses. A lot of organisations are always seeking new ways of automating key aspects of their business and keep up with the modern trends that their potential clients are already accustomed to.

03.Graphics Design

Graphics are the backbone of every business. Customers respond well to properly presented products. Every business, press, architecture or tech companies need that key person who ensure all their marketing efforts bring back rewards by insuring their brands are always represented well. If you are a freelance developer, having this skill insures all your projects have that final visual touch that will leave your clients jaws dropping with appreciation.

04.All in one (All 3)

All the previously listed skills on offer work hand-in-hand with each other. To be a good Mobile App developer, you need to have a good background on web/online systems, allowing you to integrate your app with any existing online solutions that your clients already have. Or create a platofrm that caters for all users web and mobile App users. And finally, your platforms need to look good, so having good graphics editing skills will add icing to the cake.

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